13 May, 2008

Tipper - Tertiary Noise

Since the late '90s, Tipper has been riding the crest of the nu breaks movement. He took the massive warping subbase of jungle, slowed it down a whack, and threw more techy sounds and crazy digital scratching over it. Tertiary Noise -- his seventh full-length in almost as many years -- brings his explorative and innovative catalogue full circle. Touted as "quite likely Tipper's final foray into the uptempo breakbeat genre that be helped create," this album collects splices, reissues, remixes, previously exclusive live pieces, and a few originals to act as an informal retirement of this period of production.

  1. A Touch of the Vapou
  2. Re Am In the Light
  3. Swipe Dub
  4. Deez Bass Lessen
  5. Liquid Shoes
  6. Ferlong Si Begg Mix
  7. Lock The Geometry
  8. Bindle
  9. Carousel
  10. Unitizer
  11. Pollka
  12. Multiplexus
  13. Dissolve si (beg mix)
  14. Open the Jowls (Vip mix)